England edges out Sri Lanka in a strange match

Wow, did anyone catch the game? It was a real treat. I feel it had just about everything one could ask for in a cricket match. Everything from standout performances to total failures. Even the refs managed to blunder something of an enormous magnitude, ref this call. But the biggest thing this night was without a doubt Alex Hale who scored Englands first century in a Twenty20 match.

Sri Lanka started off batting and took a huge lead by setting the chase bar at 189. Given the strength and depth of the Sri Lankan bowlers, England was all about to pack it in. They have not been able to get this high a score many times before, and against such strong opposition, the task looked damn near impossible.

Alex Hale paired up with Eion Morgan were the players who would eventually save England from being out all too early. They racked up an impressive amount of runs and took advantage of the wet ball that plagued the Sri Lankan bowlers. Even Malinga couldn’t do much against this force.

So my thoughts after watching this game, even though I had bet on Sri Lanka to win:


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