We have included a handful of notable tours that we think you should be made aware of. These will range in terms of exposure, but to be honest they are all pretty high profile so we would be surprised if they weren’t covered by pretty much all of our recommended bookmakers.

For each we will look at just a snapshot of the history behind them and also a look at what markets to keep an eye on. As mentioned, most bookmakers will cover these, but if one standouts over others, then we will be sure to include it.

West Indies v Australia and England

It’s pretty obvious to most coherent cricket fans that the West Indies aren’t much of a force at the minute, in terms of the longer formats of the game, anyway. But it wasn’t all that long ago when the likes of Lloyd, Sobers, Holding, Walsh and Ambrose were some of the best players in a generation, and in turn made one of the best teams in a generation.

The West Indies were a bogey team for Australia throughout the 70’s and 80’s when they tormented them with no fewer than 8 series wins on the bounce. Since then the rivalry between the two teams just continued to soar and even now, whilst they aren’t what they used to be, that sting is still in the tail between these two teams.

The English rivalry occurred around much the same time and it wasn’t helped by an exchange of words between Tony Grieg and a number of the West Indies players. Well, those words backfired on Grieg who lead his England team to a resounding defeat in 1976 and since then have continued to struggle.

We can’t stress enough that in terms of betting the gulf between the teams have definitely shifted, especially in the Test Arena. But we want to move away from this and look a little closer to the limited overs format where West Indies are as just as powerful today as they were 30 years ago. The likes of England haven’t ever been all that great at limited overs cricket, so look to target the West Indies in head to head match ups between either side, to be honest.

Australia v South Africa

In the present day, there are likely not two better Test match teams in the world than Australia and South Africa. The Aussies have gone through a bit of a changing of the guard, when the likes of Warne, McGrath, Hayden, Langer, Ponting and Gilchrist all retired. For the first time in a long time they look vulnerable and in 2008 the South Africans were the first team to go and beat this seemingly invincible Australian outfit in 16 years.

The series was a massive step both for South African cricket and world cricket; if only to show that these guys could be beaten. Since then, the Aussies have been out for revenge, but it’s South Africa who went to world number one and are now the team to beat. The Australian demolition of the English in the winter of 2013/14 shows that they are back to their best and the following test series between the two will be a mouth-watering clash.

A huge betting market will be on offer whenever these two teams meet and it’s likely that the majority of betting sites will be offering up markets. It just so happens that at the time of writing these two are fighting it out in South Africa, so we can see first-hand. The best of the best have to be that of Bet Victor which are providing an insane number of markets to bet on. In fact there are over 50 for each test, but what’s so good about them is that they include live betting with each market, which is an area we think could become extremely lucrative.

India v Pakistan

This is probably the biggest rivalry in world cricket! It’s a bold statement and there will be Aussie and English fans out there who would argue that nothing beats the Ashes. It’s a fair point, but there is just so much more at stake between these two teams, mainly political.

The split between the two countries in 1947 caused huge conflict initially and to be fair, it’s still does. But when cricket is involved all that seems to be pushed to one side so hundreds of millions of people can view their beloved countries play the sport they all love.

It’s probably fair to say the majority of each country is poverty stricken, but that doesn’t seem to matter and it’s this sort of passion for their sports that will likely never be rivalled, or probably understood if you aren’t Indian or a Pakistani.