The Big Bash is Australia’s version of the IPL where a combination of city teams from throughout the country all compete over an 8 week time frame. The similarities remain in that each team are allowed a number of high profile overseas players to play, which often include some of the best players in the world.

The format is a round-robin style before then going into the knockout and finals. The original idea was to promote the shorter format of the game to both Australian and New Zealand supporters, although it’s widely felt that this is pretty much solely targeted within the Australian borders.

The Big Bash has taken the role as one of the southern hemispheres biggest cricketing competitions and whilst it doesn’t really counter that of the IPL in terms of viewing figures and finances, the numbers over the last few years have been promising with significant rise in both player participation and more importantly, audiences throughout Australia.

History of the Big Bash League

The Big Bash League comes on the back of the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash that was run pretty successfully throughout 2005 to 2011. This was very much a domestic tournament though, and one that included next to no overseas players. But initially this was how Cricket Australia wanted the format to be, in an attempt to bring through home-grown talent.

In 2011 the decision was made to remove the original state game and open it up to a much more accessible city format. This now includes teams from Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, with some cities hosting two teams.

Cricket Australia’s hand was forced somewhat by the success that not only the IPL was having at the time by promoting foreign players into the league but also other leagues from around the world. Since 2011 the competition has continued to grow. Attendances have risen from the first year of inception in 2011 of 18,000 up to 18,778 in 2013, showing marginal growth.

Even though the tournament has only been running for three seasons now, it’s fair to say that the Perth Scorchers have been the standout team. They have won the competition just once, but have been runners up in both the other two finals. It’s also worth noting that the finals are always held at the WACA, which is in Perth.

Where to bet and what markets to look out for

What we have noticed over the last few years is just how many bookmakers have been willing to open up their doors to this competition. It makes sense really, especially with the added coverage of worldwide television rights meaning that the Big Bash has become even more popular since 2011.

That being said, we still spotted that a lot of them include very few markets away from the outright winner for the tournament and the outright winner on individual games. If these are markets that you are specifically looking out for then this shouldn’t really be an issue, with even the likes of Come On and Bovada both serving these up.

It’s when you really want to dig a little deeper and look at more niche markets when you will find any glaring issues. For these you can only really source your bets from either Bet Victor, Bet365 or William Hill. Even with these powerhouses of bookmaking involved, markets can still be a little sketchy as to what’s on offer.

If you can keep an eye out for the ‘power markets’ as we like to call them, such as your most sixes, highest runs and highest strike rates, then this should yield the best value. Having said that, they are probably the most volatile as well, so be prepared for a few swings!