Throughout the site we have tried to bring you as much information on cricket betting as possible. For this section we have looked at some of the biggest competitions, tournaments and tours in the world.

For each we have tried to summaries just what you should be looking out for in terms betting opportunities and places where you can bet on these events. For the most parts, the majority of these will be covered on all six of the bookmaker that we recommend, but this isn’t always true.

As an addition, we have tried to make you aware of what markets to look out for and which ones that we have found to be the most profitable for each format. We haven’t given you an exact science here, but look at these pages as an introduction and guide to betting on each.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

The IPL is probably the pinnacle of the domestic games these days. The money that is involved is simply staggering but that’s mainly because it attracts the best players in the world. This auction style format for the competition really adds another layer to what is arguably the most entertaining cricket tournament in the world.

World T20

The World T20 is the highlight of the international calendars Twenty20 format. It’s basically the World Cup of twenty20 and again brings in the best players from around the world. The competition is held every two years, unlike most World Cups, but can be found within the betting industry pretty readily, so is often a lucrative market to get involved with.

The Ashes

The Ashes is one of the fiercest rivalries in cricket and is played solely between Australia and England. The match up dates back to 1874 and it’s the long standing traditions that make it one of the most anticipated Test Series in the world. In terms of betting, the now open nature of the series makes it a bettors dream, and easily one of the most lucrative in class.

Cricket World Cup

The World Cup is the flagship international competition and whilst the 20 over format is arguably more appealing these days, there is no getting away that the 50 over competition is still the most sought after for the majority of cricket nations. Betting opportunities are about as widespread as you are going to get with the World Cup, so make the most of them!

Champions League T20

One of the most recent additions to the cricket calendar, the Champions League brings together the best domestic teams from around the world into one tournament to decide who the ultimate team is for that year. Unfortunately, coverage is still a little slow for this competition so you will need to target the bigger bookmakers. Again, market coverage is limited so the CL is possibly not going to be the best for the majority of bettors out there.

Big Bash League

Think of the Big Bash as the Australian IPL! The competition includes 8 teams from 6 cities across Australia and is slowly starting to cement itself on the cricketing map. The calibre of players that are infiltrating the Big Bash is growing with each year and the support from the domestic Australian international players has no doubt helped its cause considerably.

Cricket Tours

We look at some of the more exciting tours that take place around the world. The destinations and standards for each vary, but we have tried to target team’s tours that are going to yield the most in terms of betting opportunists. Some are higher profile than others, but on the whole they should be well covered within most of the recommended bookmakers that we promote.