comeon-logoOut of all the bookmakers we have included on our site, ComeOn is the youngest. With this comes a little trepidation, but a great deal of excitement. We are strong believers that the industry constantly needs injection of ‘new blood’ and whether this is in the form of new bookmakers or simply new innovations by existing bookmakers, it doesn’t really matter.

The trepidation part is that basically, over the years, we have seen so many bookmakers come and go, with plenty of them taking a once stellar reputation of the gambling industry with them. The industry always seems to hit back though, and at the minute it’s probably as strong as ever.

What we immediately noticed from ComeOn is just how much content they had published already. They’ve only been trading since 2011, but already provide a wealth of sports and markets along with a number of promotions for new customers, of which we talk about below.


As we mentioned, we were actually quite surprised to see a decent looking promotion from such a young bookmaker. At the time of writing they have been around for almost three years, which some would argue is long enough to get established, but when you think the likes of William Hill opened there doors back in the thirties, it does put them to somewhat of a disadvantage.

The promotion comes in the form of a free bet which is worth up to £25. It’s actually a 100% match on your first qualifying bet as a new account holder, ranging between £10 and £25. But, we want to really point out the word ‘qualifying’ as it’s not as straight forward as some to earn.

First up, the only bets which count towards your free bet allocation is that of accumulator bets, although ComeOn actually calls them combo bets, but they are the same. This means that you need to make selections with two or more picks and at odds of 1/2 (1.5) or greater. It’s worth pointing out that you will also get 10 free spins at the ComeOn casino as well as your free bet.

‘All about cricket’

We were actually made aware from day one that cricket would be a sport that ComeOn would be targeting. We just have a knack of finding these things out, you see. Obviously, as soon as we found this information out, we were curious as to see their coverage of the sport and the depth of markets they produced. Honestly, at the start, it was a pretty bare market, to say the least.

But, the company is a few years older now and much more developed with one of the sports that have seen a reasonable amount of development just so happening to be cricket. Don’t get us wrong though, they definitely aren’t the most comprehensive cricket betting site out there, but we would say they provide and average to good amount of coverage for the sport.

Let’s concentrate on what they do have to start off with. You get range of competitions and tournaments from around the world and to be honest, the international circuit is covered pretty well. You can bet on all the major test series, The Ashes, Indian Premier League, World Cup and those sorts of competitions without a bother. Some would argue that these will make up most cricket bettors target market, and we wouldn’t necessarily argue with that.

The thing is, there needs to be a good reason to choose a bookmaker such as ComeOn over say a Bet365 or BetVictor. Something has to stand out, but comparing them with these powerhouses just seems a little unfair at the minute.

The depth of markets on offer leaves a little to be desired as well, with not an awful lot beyond a few outright winners and money line options. As games take place there is no live betting although you will see a slight increase in markets with around half a dozen or so on offer throughout the higher profile games.

Other markets

Overall, the site is actually pretty impressive in what they have on offer. The site has a very US feel to it with the inclusion of bets such as ‘combo bets’ and money line wagers. This is backed up by the coverage of American Football, Basketball, Baseball and Ice Hockey. That being said, soccer, tennis, rugby and golf also provide a good range of markets as well, making them fit a large range of player’s needs.


It feels wrong to really be comparing a bookmaker like ComeOn to the likes of more established brand such as bet365 or Bet Victor. But we can’t help in coming back to the question as to why we wouldn’t compare them? After all, they are in direct competition and offering the same product.

If you are wondering if ComeOn does manage to compare to this bigger brands for cricket betting, then they don’t! In fact, they aren’t even close! But this is arguably more a factor as to just how much some of the bigger companies offer as to what ComeOn has on offer.

Overall ComeOn has done a very decent job. To start with cricket betting markets at all has to be commended and their coverage is actually pretty reasonable. If you are looking for depth in your markets then you may need to look elsewhere, but the number of competitions and tournaments that they offer is actually pretty good!

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