bovada-logoBovada have been one of the top US bookmakers for a number of years now. Not only that, but we think that they are probably one of very ‘US focused’ sites that could potentially live up to the massively high standards that the European sector has set.

Whilst they have worked hard to build a multi-national brand, there is probably little doubt in that their main audience is that of the US. This becomes even more apparent as their default odds settings are that of money line bets, but also include points spreads and the over/under markets, all of which are very popular in America.

We’ve noticed over the past few years that the majority of Euro bookmakers have pulled so far ahead of most of their competitors from across the pond that, in all honesty, they weren’t really worth comparing. We have included Bovada not just for their continued interest into cricket, but also because of their willingness to open their doors for bettors from around the world.


You are able to take advantage of a massive deposit bonus of up to $250 with Bovada which is available to all who are opening new accounts. This is actually a 50% match on your opening deposit, so to make the maximum bonus amount you would need a deposit of $500. Please note that you can deposit more on your first amount, but the maximum you claim is $250.

The bonus is pretty easy to work through and you will get 30 days to clear it. Your bonus and deposit amount will need to be played through three times before you become eligible for a withdrawal. Also make a note that any bonus amount that hasn’t been cleared within the 30 days will become void and you will lose the remaining balance. This should play on your mind when you make your initial deposit as to how much you think you can clear within that timescale.

‘All About cricket’

We are going to dive into this section with a little bit of a home truth. In all honesty, we weren’t expecting an awful lot from Bovada on the cricket side of things, especially with the site being predominantly US facing. We knew that they did offer a cricket betting market, but thought that it would be more of a token gesture than anything you could really keep coming back to. How wrong we were!

The first section we want to start with is there cricket In-Play section. There are few surprises hear when you learnt that this section includes all of their live betting . But this is actually quite an extensive section of the site and one we thought would be extremely useful. Obviously, this only really comes into its own when there are games taking place, but markets include next wicket, top run scorer and even what’s going to happen in the next over. Live cricket betting is probably not as popular as say live football betting, but the concept is available, nonetheless.

The range of competitions and tournaments on offer has to be commended by Bovada. There were way more than we had anticipated which includes the majority of the world games and bigger competitions such as the IPL, English County Championship and a range of Twenty20 games.

The site lacks somewhat when it comes to the inclusion of some of the smaller leagues and competitions. Outside of the UK none of the domestic leagues are really covered in any great detail but on the flip side we must mention that the international circuit is pretty strong.

If you are familiar with US betting then you will be familiar with the term, proposition betting. If you aren’t, then it’s basically an accumulation of some more random bets, which don’t really tie to any one market. But, we really liked this addition and what’s most impressive about it is that Bovada have taken their US roots and implemented that into markets which you normally wouldn’t associate this type of betting with. In fact, off the top of our heads, we can’t think of any other bookmakers that offer these types of proposition markets at all.

Other markets

Bovada continues to impress with the range of markets they have on offer from their bookmaker. Sports such as football, tennis, golf, boxing, rugby, darts and snooker are all excellently represented. It’s quite surprising as these aren’t necessarily all that popular in the US, with the US based sports getting a much larger chunk of both viewing figures and market coverage.

The standout feature on the site has to be their US sports coverage. There is just something about how the Americans cover their sport that European bookmakers simply haven’t been able to match. It’s actually pretty much the same on the flip side of that, with US bookmakers struggling to really give the depth of Euro based sports that Euro bookmakers do so well. But if you are looking to include the likes of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB into your betting portfolio, Bovada will be a solid choice.


It’s always interesting when looking at betting sites that you know are US focused, try to take on a sport that generally isn’t all that popular. Cricket is definitely one of those sports, but we have, on the whole been very impressed with what Bovada have managed to achieve here.

They aren’t the biggest in terms of markets or even the number of games they offer. Their odds don’t always match up; although they are pretty competitive. They don’t even have a particularly good looking site, if we are going to be honest! But they are just a generally solid site for betting on cricket.

The number of matches they did include was actually refreshingly surprising and we loved the fact that they even included an American twist on proceedings with the inclusion of ‘Prop’ bets. Overall, they will be a solid option for anyone wanting to include their cricket betting with that of betting on American based sports.

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