Is there coming a domestic cricket tournament in Pakistan?

pakistani-domestic-cricket-league-on-the-riseAccording to it is! After being deprived of international cricket for so long, the domestic side has likely seen an increase in popularity and PTI wants to take advantage of this.

This might coincide with the strong younger players that we often see coming from Pakistan. They always seems to have a young talent in the ranks that is blowing away the opposition, so making way for this would be a great way for them to display their talents at an even bigger stage than usual.

But there is another reason that this has been important for Pakistani cricket for so long. After the 2008 Mumbai incident the players that are from Pakistan have been barred from playing in the Indian Premier League, arguably the biggest domestic cricket tournament in the world. This is something that is bad not only for the Pakistani players and cricket community, but also for those of us who love the sport and want to see the best players duke it out. By leaving out such a big part of the player pool is poor and should be reprimanded.

If Pakistan can get this tournament up and running without too much trouble, we could be seeing other improvements for the international match hungry nation pretty soon. I welcome this change!

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