One of the most popular betting activities these days has to be that of live betting. There are very few bookmakers that don’t offer some sort of live or in-play betting on their site. The increased exposure of sport in general has meant that as bettors we are able to view more sporting action, and it only makes sense that bookmakers allow them to bet on this action in real time.

But one thing that has always puzzled us is the lack of activity when it comes to betting in-play with cricket. It’s been a part of our betting portfolio for a number of years now and is a section that we have found to be extremely profitable. But, when we speak with the people who run these bookmakers, they often inform us that betting on cricket isn’t as popular as it could be. The markets are there, the exposure is there but the clientele doesn’t seem to be.

Why? Well, honestly we don’t know. But we have conducted this article to hopefully introduce a few more of you to betting on live cricket by showing you some of the fundamentals that we include into our betting armoury.

How Live Cricket Betting Works

We think that a lot of people might be put off by live betting because it seems a little more complex than ‘regular’ betting. But it really isn’t! In fact, it’s very simple.

It often works by a bookmaker offering up a market before a match starts. Let’s use a simple market for our example such as the outright winner of the match. Both teams will be priced independently for whichever team will win. As the match starts and the game unfolds the outcome will start to become clearer meaning the prices for both teams to win will alter; one will drift and the other will shorten.

This is now essentially a live betting market. All you need to do is place a bet when the match has started for it to be a live bet. The odds you get may fluctuate after your bet has been placed, but this is irrelevant as you will be paid out at the odds you receive initially.

Where to Bet

There are only two companies that really jump out at us when it comes to live betting; these are BetVictor and Bet365. We’ve chosen these bookmakers for two reasons. The first is the market coverage they provide for live betting. They are superb when it comes to making all the pre-game markets into live markets as the game progresses.
The second is that they both have dedicated live betting sections of their website. This makes the whole process so much easier, and not just for beginners. We have been live betting for years now and it never ceases to amaze how tricky bookmakers can make their live betting markets to navigate without a dedicated section.

Live Betting Tips

Some of the information below are little tips and hints that we have included into our betting strategy over the years. We want to make you more comfortable when betting on live cricket markets and overloading you with information isn’t going to do that!

The first thing we highly recommend is that you research your market and understand how the market reacts. So with cricket, you need to learn what sort of events throughout a game are going to make odds react and in what way. A wicket is likely going to have a bigger effect on a game then say someone hitting a six for the most part. But then you could totally flip that statement and say the opposite if it’s within the last few balls of a match with a team chasing a total down.

Start off by literally just shadowing the markets and seeing how they react without putting any money on. Once you get a little more confident you can start with smaller bets and work your way up.

Our next tip is all about keeping a cool head. This has never been more applicable to betting than it has to betting live. What we need to do is basically remain calm in what’s going to be a pretty volatile market. Things will happen in a split second and it’s up to you to assess the market and see if the odds reflect what’s happening in the game. The flip side of this is that you still need to react fast to get any over-reactions to incidents in the game, which aren’t uncommon in cricket betting.

The last one is to research your market as much as possible and see which markets will yield the best results. We spoke in a few of the event profiles on the site about which markets to target for each, but live betting is a much broader format and is very targeted to you. What we do is really get to know one or two markets; get to find out how they tick and more importantly, if they could yield any potential value.