Cricket has been one of the fastest emerging betting markets over the last 5 years. The increase in exposure has led betting companies to really buck up their ideas in not only the markets they offer, but the depth in which they promote those markets.

Whilst betting on cricket is in principal a pretty straightforward procedure, we have put together this short guide to aid you in your decision making process both before you even place a bet and also after you have been betting an amount of time.

Choose your bookmaker

Before you do anything you need to pick your bookmaker. Now, if you have done any sort of research, and as you are reading this article we will assume you have/are, then you will probably be aware of the vast number of bookmakers in the industry.

What a lot of people do is simply pick the one that they have either seen an advert for or their friend has recommended; but this is a mistake! You need to pick one that is going to be right for you. Each bettor will be totally different and by choosing a random bookmaker you may be limiting yourself as to what is on offer.

Cricket betting is actually just as much a niche as some of your smaller sports. You can’t compare the sport to say football, because literally every bookmaker will include comprehensive football markets, whereas not all that many provide the same coverage for cricket. Whilst the recommendation from your mate may be fine for them, if they aren’t betting on cricket then it could be worlds apart from what you need.

Our solution is to go and test out a number of bookmakers by simply having a look about. It’s free to browse pretty much every site, so you can do this without even signing up. Check out the market coverage for cricket and also the tournaments that bookmaker will cover. Check aspects like design, layout, ongoing promotions and usability before registering. We have also listed our recommendations of the top cricket betting sites, so that could be a good starting point for you to check out what is on offer.

Take advantage of sign up offers

When you sign up to a new bookmaker, more often than not you will be able to choose between a number of deposit bonuses. These range in value and always range in their clearance terms. It’s easy when choosing a bookmaker to get caught up in the biggest bonus on offer, but when you actually read further into it, it could be almost impossible for you to clear.

The terms and conditions of a bookmakers free bets aren’t actually all that tough to fathom out. When most people think of T&C’s it’s often of hundreds of pages of fine print that makes little to no sense. Generally, the gist’s of them are pretty simple when it comes to free bets, so take the time to read them through.

Alternatively, for each of the bookmakers that we look at on site we have already done this work for you, and have broken down exactly how much you can claim and what you need to do so in order to claim your free bet.

Research your bets

So you’ve managed to pick your bookmaker and taken them up on their generous welcome offer. It’s no time to start placing your bets. The single most important thing when betting on any sports, not just cricket, is to research your bets. You simply must, MUST spend time working out which bets you think will be profitable. It doesn’t even matter that sometimes you will still get your picks wrong, the important thing is that you haven’t just sat down, stuck a pin in the paper and gone for any old bet (except in computer terms!).

If you can’t be bothered to spend even 5 or 10 minutes looking about to see where the value in bets could be, then you may as well just set your money alight. Sometimes guessing may work, but more often than not you will lose! Invest time into your money!

We try to regulary post some cricket betting tips that we find decent value in, so if you need a starting point on what to look for or just general recommendations on what to bet on you can check back on our website from time to time to get the latest.

Keep learning

You can never stop learning in this industry. We have been betting on cricket for more years than we can remember and every day we are learning. Yes, we actively go and read articles on betting and even ones which have nothing to do with gambling. We contribute to betting forums, question what people are preaching on there. Heck, even writing this website has highlighted areas in which we have been getting sloppy in our betting strategy and have taken the appropriate steps in which to tighten this up.

It doesn’t really matter how you go about this last step but as long as you never go in with an attitude that you think you have this ‘betting malarkey’ sussed, then you will be alright. In fact, learning is half the fun in the industry as the more knowledge you absorb, the better you will become at placing bets. The better you are placing bets, the more money you will win; which is essentially why we are doing this in the first place!