2014 World Twenty20 – India vs West Indies – Cricket Betting Tips

India went off to a flying start in the World T20 2014 when they beat Pakistan in the opening match of the Super 10. The game were primed to be an exciting one, but no one expected it to be dominated by the Indians at this level.

India won the toss, elected to bowl first and held Pakistan to a meager 130 runs after they lost Akmal in the second over. From there on it was all down hill. The Indian spinners were simply too much for the Pakistani side and they took out one after another of the oppositions batsmen.

After this bout, the score between these in ICC competitions is a staggering 9-0 to India. Will Pakistan ever be able to break that spell? Surely, but that day was not here yet. But India were not as dominant as one would think. I feel it was more Pakistan who had a bad game and couldn’t react to the spinners that played pretty good. The batting game of India were OK, it simply were the bowlers from Pakistan who looked to have an off day.

When this team is facing the West Indies tomorrow, expect a different game. Here they will face a hard hitting batting lineup led by the famous Chris Gayle. This team has looked great leading up to this tournament and judging by their warm up games, they are ready to take on any comers. Although their batting crew is good enough to chase just about any score, they have solidified their bowling attack as well. Rampaul and Narine are the ones West Indies must put their faith in and if they can get out to a big lead when batting or keep the run score from India manageable, this looks like a game West Indies can take.

Although India probably is high on morale after beating Pakistan and are coming into this game with much confidence, that can also be a double edged sword as they might get overconfident and take things too lightly. Sparks are sure to fly as India want to get a win against this team in an official match, but we think the West Indies have India’s numbers and will prevail.

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