cricket-bettingWe would like to welcome you to The name is a bit of a giveaway, but in case you hadn’t already noticed we are all about betting on cricket! And mostly online, but the skills are transferable to regular betting as well.

The site has been designed in a way in which we think we will be able to help people not only understand the cricket betting industry but also learn and develop a skill set in which will make you money betting on cricket.

Everything on our site has come from a group of people who are passionate not only about betting, but also cricket. We have made it our job to maybe dispel a few myths about the industry and also offer up some fresh ideas as to how you can improve the way you bet on cricket.

We’ve tried really hard to not make this another preaching betting site, stating you need to do this and you need to do that, but don’t do this and so on. We know that you are actively seeking to improve the way you bet on cricket or else you wouldn’t have found us.

Best Cricket Betting Sites
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What we have done is offered up as much information as possible on cricket betting so you can then form your own opinions and decisions about different aspects of the industry. For example, our reviews have been written in a way that we can provide you with all the information and statistics you need to decide if a bookmaker is right for you. We’ve looked at things such as market depth, features, design and free bets, before relaying that information back to you. We added a final ‘verdict’ section to each so you can hear our closing thoughts, but the hard data is there for all to see.

The second section of the site is our tournament section where we have included as much information as possible on competitions from around the world. Whilst these are all major events, they are events that we have found to be the most appealing from a betting perspective. These are competitions that we have had success betting on in the past and as result have included which bookmakers work best for each and also which markets we like to target.

Again, you don’t have to take our thoughts on where to bet or which markets to look out for, you can simply use the information on each tournament to base your own decisions. In fact, we would rather it be this way!

For our final section we have included a bit of a beginners guide to betting on cricket. We know how daunting it is getting into online betting, it wasn’t all that long ago we were doing the same. Everyone on our team agreed that they wish there was somewhere that they could have gone to when they first started betting on cricket, if only to show them the ropes.

As it was, it turned out to be a steep and expensive learning curve! This whole section is based around you not having to make your own learning curve be steep or expensive, but more smooth and hopefully profitable as well. Each article is written in a way that we feel you can all take something from. It may be just one short sentence or even the whole article, but if this is the case, either way it’s been worthwhile.